WEN Wales is a vibrant network of over 1,000 organisations and individuals committed to making Wales a safer and fairer place for women and girls.

We aim to provide clarity and a united voice on the serious issues facing women in Wales. We have a small, dedicated team of staff and trustees who deliver consultations, events and research, and represent women in Wales at national and international levels.

Our work at WEN Wales is underpinned by the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).  You can visit our CEDAW page to find out more about the UN Convention.

Why are we needed?  Women in Wales still earn less than their male colleagues. Violence against women in Wales continues to destroy lives.  Women in Wales are disproportionately affected by spending cuts.  Read our publications to discover more reasons to get involved and champion women’s rights.

You can join today and add your voice to our growing network. Membership is free and you can join as an individual and as an organisation.

Watch the presentation below to find out more about our journey so far: