The Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales is an independent non-governmental membership organisation that aims to create a more equal society for women and girls in Wales. We bring the voices of individuals and organisations to decision makers at national and international levels.

WEN Wales wants to create a fairer society in which women and girls can live free from prejudice and gender discrimination and enjoy equality in all aspects of their daily lives.

Our work

  1. We carry out research and consultations to ensure that the diverse needs of women and girls in Wales are understood by decision makers in Wales, UK and Europe.

  1. We provide opportunities for women and girls across Wales to voice their personal experiences and views on issues that matter to them

  1. We provide opportunities for our member organisations to share knowledge, expertise and experience in order to create a united and powerful voice to influence change for women at the decision-making level

  1. We strengthen the women’s sector in Wales by providing support, training and networking opportunities to our member organisations.

  1. We provide education and information to challenge assumptions and attitudes that disadvantage and discriminate against women and girls

  1. We recognise the diverse and multi-layered experiences and identities of women in Wales and aim to work in a way that is inclusive and accessible to all.