This page brings together links to other useful research and data on women in Wales in relation to a number of key areas.

Politics and Power

EHRC, Who Runs Wales? (2014)

Chwarae Teg, A Woman’s Place in Public Appointments (2014)

Women and the Economy

Chwarae Teg, A Woman’s Place in Housing (2016)

Cardiff University, Women Adding Value to the Economy (2015)

Chwarae Teg, A Woman’s Place in Academia (2014)

Chwarae Teg, Pressure, Promotions, Pay Rises, Parity (2014)

Chwarae Teg, Barriers to Modern Working Practices for Businesses in Wales (2014)

Cardiff University, Working Patterns in Wales: Gender, Occupations and Pay (2014)

Chwarae Teg, A Woman’s Place in the Welsh Workforce (2013)

Bevan Foundation, Women, Work and the Recession in Wales (2013)

Women in Rural Wales 

Wales Rural Observatory, Gender and Rural Wales: Scoping Report (2007)

Violence Against Women

Cardiff University, Motivating Respect: A Welsh Intervention into Youth-Perpetrated Domestic Abuse (2015)

Cardiff University, Defining and Profiling Serial Domestic Abuse Perpetrators, A Feasibility Study (2014)

Wales Strategic Migration Partnership, Uncharted Territory: Violence Against Migrant, Asylum Seeking and Refugee Women in Wales (2013)

BAWSO, Protecting Black and Minority Ethnic Children: An Investigation of Child Protection Interventions (2012)

Disability Wales, Welsh Women’s Aid and Cardiff University, Domestic Abuse of Disabled Women in Wales (2011)

Cardiff University, Domestic Violence MARACS for very High Risk Victims in Cardiff, Wales: A Process and Outcome Evaluation (2004)