Want to get involved with the women’s rights movement, but not sure where to begin? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1) Join WEN Wales!
Membership is free and includes our monthly mail out to keep you up-to-date with our work. Click here to join us now or Email admin@wenwales.org.uk!

2) Tweet! Follow! Like! Share! Pin!
Use social media to learn about the work that’s being done to address issues like everyday sexism and encouraging girls to study science and maths. Follow these accounts on Twitter to get started;


3) Support a feminist campaign

Whatever you’re interested in doing, there are plenty of women’s campaigns to support. Here are some ideas!

Counting Women In
50:50 by 2020 campaign 
Daughters of Eve 
Million Women Rise
No More Page 3
Women’s Equality Party 
White Ribbon Campaign 
NUS Women’s Campaign

4) Read!
Did you know that before the Married Women’s Property Act 1870, any money that a woman earned was considered to belong to her husband?  Women over 21 did not get the vote until 1928.  Learn more about the history of the women’s movement with this list of 50 Essential Feminist books

5) Talk to people!
This one is easy – start a conversation with your friends or family about how they feel about women’s rights and test out your new knowledge by helping them to understand why we need gender equality!

6) Invite us to speak to your school or local community group
Want us to come and talk to your class or group about women’s rights and the work we do? Email admin@wenwales.org.uk to arrange a speaker.

7) Blog for us!
We’re looking for women and girls to share their stories on our new blog.  Tell us why you support women’s rights, or your experience of sexism! Email admin@wenwales.org.uk for more information.

8) Fundraise for us!
We are always looking for fundraising ideas and we guarantee that any money you raise for WEN Wales will be spent working on helping make Wales a better place for women and girls! Email admin@wenwales.org.uk with your ideas.